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Donghai ALFA Quartz Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of experimental quartz glass instruments. It has three independent brands: "ALFA Quartz", "Ai Pu Optics" and "Professor Meng".The main products of ATOP quartz glass are: transparent quartz glass sheet, opaque quartz glass plate, quartz observation window, optical quartz glass, optical coating, infrared quartz glass, ultraviolet quartz glass, quartz tube processing, long-term processing of optics, electronics Far-ultraviolet (JGS1), near-ultraviolet (JGS2), and infrared (JGS3) quartz glass sheets are used in industries such as chemical industry and military industry.


Self-built plant with advanced equipment

Since the establishment of ALFA company (ALFA), its ALFA quartz products are all made of high-quality high-purity quartz materials. We are committed to the research and development of quartz products, and our products sell well in electronics, semiconductors, photovoltaics, metallurgy, and chemical analysis at home and abroad. , environmental protection, chemical industry, university laboratories and military special industry research institutes, etc.


Strict production control and multiple quality inspection

Professor Meng's brand is mainly engaged in: high-end high-quality laboratory consumables, laboratory quartz glassware, quartz glass tubes, optical quartz glass sheets, quartz cuvettes, high-precision customization of heterosexual non-standard quartz parts, laser processing of special glass consumables (Punching, slotting, cutting), mainly serving university laboratories, various biochemical physics institutes.


Improve the service system

ALFA Company pays attention to its own social responsibility and actively participates in social welfare activities. Every time an order is placed online in our company's Alibaba official store and ALFA Quartz Taobao flagship store, our online corporate account will contribute to public welfare activities in proportion The corresponding amount of public welfare fund is transferred from the designated account.


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DONGHAI ALFA QUARTZ PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.Henan Hongran Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Donghai ALFA Quartz Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of experimental quartz glass instruments. It has three independent brands: "ALFA Quartz", "Ai Pu Optics" and "Professor Meng".

ALFA Company is a manufacturer that develops and sells high-quality quartz glass instruments, utensils, and optical quartz sheets. It focuses on quartz laser finishing (drilling, grooving, and cutting). It is located in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province. ALFA Company adheres to advanced The sales concept (character = product), adhere to the combination of independent development and learning advantages from peers, and constantly improve ourselves.

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